Penis Massage: Complete Guide 2021

Hello, friends are you familiar with tantric sex? If you know, then you will also be familiar with the concept of tantric massage therapy. Let us tell you that, penis massage is a type of tantric massage therapy that involves massaging the penis of a man.

Friends In this post you will find that the goal of penis massage is not just to achieve an orgasm. Rather, it works to create a meditative sexual and spiritual experience for you.

Friends, in this article, we will tell you what is penis massage, how to massage yourself or your partner, and in addition, we will tell you about some of the benefits of tantric massage therapy.

What is penis massage?

If you’re really interested, let us tell you that Tantric massage has a centuries-old history of use as a tool to help develop sexual and spiritual awareness.

Contrary to some modern interpretations of the penis massage tradition, tantric practices are not purely about sex. Instead, you can experience a pure sense of bliss in tantric massage therapy, and also learn to build up sexual energy.

Penis massage, also known as lingam massage, and the word “linga” derived from Sanskrit, is a type of tantric practice that involves massaging the penis and its surrounding areas. During the massage of the Lingam, the body parts being massaged are

  • testicles
  • Perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum)
  • gender
  • prostate

The goal of a lingam massage for you is not just to reach orgasm. Rather its ultimate aim is to experience sexual and spiritual bliss of the whole body.

How To Do Penis Massage

Penis Massage

Let us tell you, it is important for you to have knowledge of techniques not only for penis massage but also for all types of tantric massage.

Here are the best techniques to do penis massage for you.

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Set The Atmosphere Of Penis Massage

You need to create a kind of positive atmosphere, by doing this penis massage can become a pleasant experience for you.

Before a penis massage, you should determine your intentions, and you should make sure to take the time to build an open mindset. While it can help set up the emotional mood of the massage while you do this, you can enjoy both a spiritual and sexual experience.

You need to create a sacred physical space that is warm and inviting:

  • use fresh bedding
  • dim the lights
  • light some candles
  • put some focus on the music

It may help to create a comfortable yet sensual environment for you to begin with a penis massage.

Prepare the oils

Massage oils go a long way in reducing friction and enhancing sensation during a massage. You will find different types of massage oils to see in it, which include both scented and non-fragranced oils.

It is important for you to know that oil with fragrance is better than oil without fragrance. Because scented oil can help increase both awareness and arousal.

No matter what type of oil you choose for a Penis Massage, something natural and hypoallergenic is best, especially for those with sensitive skin. Here are some popular natural oils to use:

  • coconut oil
  • almond oil
  • Olive Oil

Work your way up

As you go slowly, it’s time to start massaging the more sensitive areas from the erogenous zone. You can start with the testicles, then go on to massage the area as gently as possible.

If you or your partner enjoy doing these things, explore the perineum, which may be another sensual area for him.

By doing this you will be moving forward, then try to move your penis massage towards the bottom of the penis, you keep moving deliberately up the shaft and towards the head of the penis.

Begin the massage slowly

All you need to note is that start the massage by focusing on peripheral areas, such as:

  • inner thighs
  • lower abdomen
  • upper thigh

You have to set the stage for a sensual experience, then move your hands slowly and deliberately across the skin.

If you’re massaging the penis and you already know your partner’s erogenous zone, you can use massaging those areas to help awaken that initial pleasure at a slow pace.

You have to remember that, the goal of a penis massage is to slow it down and experience all the pleasant sensations.

enjoy the experience

Let us tell you that a few years ago, some research in a 2016 review found that, certain sexual experiences are believed to invoke a trance-like state. With a lingam massage, the pleasure you feel for your whole body is usually enough to reach a state that can make you feel more spiritual than your sexual pleasure.

try to be patient

When you start feeling that you are close to having an orgasm, then at that time you step back for a while and try to focus your attention on some other area. You can continue with this practice, commonly known as edging, for as long as your partner or you want to enjoy it.

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What are the benefits of penis massage?

While the purpose of a penis massage is for you to have a sexual experience, it has many benefits beyond just pleasure. It is said that penis massage can.

Let us tell you about some benefits of penis massage:

Improves your sexual stamina and sexual experiences: Whether you want to increase your sexual stamina, or are trying to enjoy sex more than that, penis massage is all you can do with ease.

Promotes healing of your entire body: Regardless of the sexual nature, tantric practices such as penis massage are intended to promote healing for you. Let us tell you that according to Buddhist principles, it is believed that lingam massage helps the recipient to heal from past trauma and align himself with his spiritual and sexual self.

Spirituality and mindfulness can also be explored: experiencing something different in a moment, as it is intended, is also an example of mindfulness. If you claim to be someone spiritual, enjoying a penis massage over and over again can go a long way in helping you develop that mindfulness practice.

It relieves tension in the whole body. Let us tell you that sex is such an activity that increases your libido and reduces the risk of chronic diseases, you get many benefits from it, penis massage is good for your body and mind. brings benefits. When you’re getting a penis massage, you’re combining these benefits with the stress-free relaxation of massage therapy.

This type of tantric massage is practised not only by people with a penis, but a yoni massage sensually focuses on exploring the vulva, vagina, and other related areas.

Let us tell you that both types of massage therapy are intended for a spiritual, sexual experience, so we can say that yoni massage shares many of the same benefits mentioned above.

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Bottom Line

Friends, let us tell you that penis massage is a form of tantric massage therapy that blends sensuality and spirituality to create an incredibly intimate experience.

When you massage the penis, whether you do it or on your partner, your goal should be to enjoy and experience it.

Regular practice of tantric methods like lingam or yoni massage can help to improve your libido, reduce your stress and explore your sexuality in a healthy way.


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