Sulfur Burps: Causes and Treatments 2021


Is belching a common occurrence? Belching is usually a very minor occurrence. When a person bursts, gas comes in his intestines. His body has to exclude this gas either through burping or flatulence. When a person bursts, his body tries to release gas from his digestive system upwards through his mouth. His body can usually … Read more

What Causes sniffles and How to Stop in 2021

What Causes sniffles and How to Stop

What Causes sniffles and How to Stop There are a few different conditions that can cause sniffles, including the common cold and allergies. Identifying the Basic cause can help determine the best treatment options. Read on to learn what may be causing your sniffles and what you can do to stop them. The common cold … Read more

Permanent Retainers – Pros, Cons, And Permanent Retainer Cost 2021

Permanent Retainers - Pros, Cons

After finishing conservative treatment, wearing a retainer is a simple way to help prevent your smile from returning to its former misalignment. Here at Strop Orthodontics, we offer both removable retainers and permanent retainers. Read further to learn about removable and permanent retainers and how long you can expect your retainer to last. If you … Read more

What is pink cloud? How Long Does It Last?


There is a lot of pain, injury and grief in the life of an addict, so it is sometimes believed that in recovery, everything will be different. While life is much more beneficial in recovery, it is not always flowers and sunshine. In early recovery, people often experience a mixture of highs and lows as … Read more

What Is Buccal Fat? (Buccal Fat Removal Before And After)


The fecal fat pad in the middle of your cheek is a round mass of fat. It is located between the muscles of the face, in the hollow area below your cheekbone. The size of your buccal fat pad affects the shape of your face. All have Buccal Fat Removal. However, the size of the … Read more

Average Bicep Size (Height or Age)

average bicep size

Average Bicep Size: biceps are commonly known as bicep, two ends are skeletal muscle that runs between elbows and shoulders. Although your arm is not the biggest (he goes to the respected trials), many people focus on receiving a big and strong bicep in the gym. Before adding your weight and adding an additional Arm … Read more

Does having widow’s peak tell me anything about my genetics?

widow's peak

LAXMI KORANGA · Does having widow’s peak tell me anything about my genetics?   If your hairline comes together in a downward V-shape down the center of your forehead, you have a widow’s braid hairline. Basically, it is high on the sides and low point in the middle. In some people, the widow’s braid is … Read more

Marie Antoinette Syndrome: Real or Myth?

Marie Antoinette Syndrome

What is this Marie Antoinette Syndrome? Marie Antoinette syndrome refers to a situation where the hair of someone’s head is white. The name of this type has come from folklore about the French Queen Marie Antoinette, whose hair was suddenly white before her execution in 1793. Being white with age is common. As the age … Read more

How Much Fat Can Liposuction Remove: Side Effect & Benefits

How Much Fat Can Liposuction Remove

Liposuction is a cosmetic process that removes fat that you can not get rid of diet and exercise, A plastic or dermatology surgeon usually processes to improve their size below your hips, stomach, thighs, buttocks, backs, arms, and chin or face. But liposuctions can also be done with other plastic surgery, including Facelift, breast cut, … Read more